cemi ste

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Gnumeric XML
hisstca měu

Word Meaning
ael desert
af purpose, use, sake
ahan angel, benevolent spirit
ahurr to be helped, to be assisted
ahǒ cloth, fabric, textile
airrye non-head hair
anim snake, to be a snake
anu cry, call, sob
aqerro forest
aqin bank, vault
aqu hatred, despise,
are ability, skill
arru knowledge
ase base, center of operations
asǒc leg
atcea non spactime existance
ati new, newb, fresh
atin earth, planet earth
atson cave, center of the earth, cavernous
atsu red
aya space, area, location, extant
ayu trading good, product
ca truth, reality
cae baked good, baked
caemay layered, to be stacked
catra country, to be sovereign
catrra ruler, commander, imposing
ce reality, truth
cemi word, root, lexeme
ci mouth, opening
cim beginning, start
cin adult, mature
ciso awful, villain
cisoya nightmare, hell, hellish
cmi right (surface) (prep)
co that, those, to be disconnected
cosm milk, to be secreted
coy problem, trouble
ctal region from belly button to genitals, lower back
ctar leader
cte bottom (surface) (prep)
cu fast, speed
curry craft, vehicle, to driven or piloted
cěqěm to suffer difficulty, that which is hindered
des context, use, reason, location
eli white
emi woken, stimulated, aroused
emǒn office
en also, to be in addition to, additional
ento to be friended, to be liked
eqe to be anxious, to be uncomfortable
eru magic, miracle
ese future event, eventual
eth doubted, to be doubted
fest vest, jacket
fle performance
flo front (surface) (prep)
foti to be studied, to be examined
fu matter, to be relevant
ful hand, foot, extremity
fěur fairy
ha land, continent
haluse hallucination
hee possibility, maybe
heqati smooth flat plate, stair steps
hi lonely, alone, loner
hic light, to be bright
him runner, sprint
hiss non-lunatic, normal, rational
hra to be underwater, shipwreck, to be sunk
hrran to be destroyed, anihilated
hua doll
hul arm, extension
drink, consumable
i inside of, middle
ic small, small thing
ilel home, to be inhabited
ilel-ste neighborhood
ili neck
ilǒ afraid, coward
im again, to be repeated
im-qusu to be reborn, to reincarnate
inless english language
irfě cursed person
isla murder victim, deceased
lal gift, takealong, luggage
last near vicinity (prep)
lats moon, to be in a gravitational well
llemo conditional, dependent
llusu to flow, to fall
lluth yellow
llǒm depressing experience, failure, loss
lo excessive amount
lon upper back
lu object of ownership
lǒm cheek, breast, bottom half of the palm, heel, pad of finger/toe
lǒmi to be climbed, to be put down, to be on the bottom
ma girl, female
mail mile
mam post, sent object
mara housemaid, maid
mas good thing, correct
mass life, to be alive
mato defendee, protected
mau vibrator, shaky, to vibrate
may floor, level, stage, to be a level
me cold, frozen, ice
me-cosm ice cream
mei green
melqě to be mourned, to be missed
melu scream, to be screamed
men sad, grief
mene sun
ment left surface (prep)
merri child, to be young
merru to be known, known fact
merru-mima to be secret, to be concealed
merryo day, 24hr period
mi go, come, move, moving thing
mie to be liked, to be loved
mihi sickness, disease, illness, to be sick
mima to be avoided
mo transform, transformed thing, become
mono sympathy
mor need, required
mos easy, worthless
mrat person, animate thing
muli lizard
muyu projectile, to be thrown, to fly
mya dead thing, corpse, to be dead
myai thumb, big toe
myi to be found, disocvery
myon ghost, spirit, to be dead
myon-aya afterlife, netherworld, hell
myěn star, sparkle, to sparkle
měo happy thing, to be smiling
měu book, tome, corpus
nal lack, gap, failing
nasa long event, long in duration
nato angle, bend, to be bent
ne well, actually (EX)
nequo familiar thing, to be familiar to
net point, dot
nome to be taken, to be obtained, to be led
noy year, long time
nu boy
nyao to be realized, to be understood
nyen door, hatch, opening
asleep, to sleep
o big thing, big
oi early, morning
oqa road, street, path
ost field
osue student, to be taught to
ot building
ot-ste city, town
oya face
oyu mail, post, to be sent
qa tooth (of person)
qae other, different
qanu canoe
qara dog, hound
qe thing, exist in space
qi time
qilome kilometer
qino to be insane
qiqo depth, deep
qo truth, fact, to be true
qu distant, far, foreign
qusu fruit, to be born
qut type, kind, variation
qyais spurt, outburst
qyěu eye
this, these
qěo to be regretted, regretable
qǒne to hover, to be suspended, to float above something
rac careful, cautious, to be suspicious
ratc head, tip
remi purple, pink
ren to the side (prep)
rith inside of joint (including inside of elbows, back of knees, back of ankles, inside of wrists, front of neck, armpits, etc.), belly button
ro surface
roma despair
rri singularity, lone example
rrumuně prisoner, to be caught, to be captured
rryo experience, to be dreamt
rum to be dark, darkness, to be unlit
runt lip
ryě sphere, plump
to be said, utterance, to be asked
rěu port, harbor, connection, outlet, inlet
safu equal, equality
sai top (surface) (prep)
sain friend, companion
sara wheel, rolling thing, to roll
semilu to be produced, to be published
sici water
sici-ha island
sici-ste body of water
sif room
slo outside of, border (prep)
so event, to exist in time
soli to be embraced, to be surrounded tightly
som no
son 奥, 中央
sos high, high thing
ssiss weak, frail, broken
ssoi to comprise, to consist of, to be assembled
ssote returned, come back
ssun black
ste group, collection, to be gathered
su finger, toe
sya clean, pretty thing
syara mind, consciousness
sěumi brilliant, light, dazzling
sěunaqu strawberry
sěunato triangle
food, to be eaten
sǒtson grey
ta wear, put on
tcao to be filled, to be stuffed
tcii to be saved
tcorr cyan
tcěn opposite gender, to change gender
teluse delusion
teqyorr wasteland, bad ending
tha that
tha thought, to be thought of
thel cat
thi gift, to be given
thlě to be forbidden
tho absolute fact, certainty
thorr sexual, sexual attraction
thu back (surface) (prep)
thurro storage, to be stored, to be kept
thěm abandoned, left behind, forgotten
to finality, ending, last
toa to be soon, imminent
toi content, safety, comfort
tolima to remain, to linger, taint
tomu stopped thing, immobile
tsas region between pectorals and belly button
tsi yes
tsits annoyance, persistant
tsu product, creation, to be created
tsui window, transparent or invisible, to be seen through
tsuqu fish, to be a fish
tsǒh value, wealth, valuable
tsǒqǒ wing
tue long thing spatially
tunqe vacuum, void, space, to be empty
těli to be surrounded without being touched, to orbit, to circle
těn role, part, performance
uhǒ sight, to be seen
uia number
ul furniture, chair, to be sat on
umli something expanded, to be rounded out
use chest area, region from bottom of neck to bottom of pectorals
uste food
yaisla suicidal, to undergo self-destruction
yamie selfish, miser
yara self, personal experience
yef love, affection
yomu technique, method
yonta hat, to be worn on the head
yoqai youkai, to be paranormal, to be supernatural
yoqo mountain
yoto to merge, merger, blend, blur
yu tongue
yumo stolen goods, to be stolen, to be lost, to be out of place
yurru trash, to be wasted
yěu way, style
yǒq hole, pit
ěnss blue
ěnǒ hair (head)
ětu broken thing, to be broken, to be inoperable
ěu wanted, desired
ǒm ear
ǒmyu sound, to be heard
ǒni gentle, gentle thing
ǒnu nose
ǒthan music, to be sonorous
ǒtsi happyness